Yuanyi Fiber, established in 1999 in Shanghai, is a premier producer of Vulcanized Fiber. As a frontrunner in the industry in China, we annually manufacture over 4,500 tons of Vulcanized Fiber, maintaining top market shares domestically. 

With over 25 years of experience, we have forged partnerships with industry experts to continually improve product quality and performance.

Our products are relied upon by leading companies, both domestically and internationally.


  • 1999
  • Apr, 2000
  • Jan, 2004
  • 2009
  • May, 2009
  • Nov, 2010
  • Dec, 2015

Established in Shanghai, China
Started producing Vulcanized Fiber
Started producing Base Paper in Manasi, Xinjiang
Closed the production line in Shanghai
the Operation of our first Vulcanized Fiber in Manasi
the Operation of our second Vulcanized Fiber in Manasi
the Operation of our ultra-thin Vulcanized Fiber in Manasi


At Yuanyi Fiber, quality is our top priority. We’ve integrated a state-of-the-art PLC control system that meticulously monitors thousands of parameters throughout the entire manufacturing process, from pulp to base paper and from base paper to vulcanized fibre.

This rigorous monitoring ensures the consistency and reliability of our final products, meeting the highest industry standards.